Obama to visiting GOP governor: Don’t get too comfortable at White House

But if you’re a Republican with your sights set on challenging President Obama in 2012, you might get a slightly different reception. 

Just ask Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R), who caught some grief on Monday at a White House briefing for governors in the State Dining Room, part of the annual meeting of the National Governors Association.

The president opened his remarks by telling the assembled governors, “I hope today, all of you feel free to make yourselves at home.” 

Obama paused, then added, “For those of you with a particular interest in the next election, I don’t mean that literally.’’ 

The room was initially silent. It wasn’t until two long seconds later that the president’s gaze landed on Barbour, who was seated at a table near the front. With that, the room erupted in laughter.