Grimm gets a new friend (the Washington kind)

On Wednesday, less than two months after he moved to Washington, freshman Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) adopted a teacup Yorkshire terrier named Sebastian. 

Somewhere, Harry Truman is laughing. 

The 9-week-old Yorkie was rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri by the Humane Society of the United States and delivered to Grimm in his congressional office Wednesday morning by HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle.

“He’s so small we had to get a cat harness for him!” Grimm laughed, holding the 15-ounce puppy in one hand. “But he’s tough, don’t let him fool you.” 

Grimm and his staff were all very excited about the arrival of young Sebastian, who was named after the beloved dog of a fellow Marine who served alongside Grimm in Operation Desert Storm. Grimm has already introduced legislation aimed at creating a program for combat veterans suffering from PTSD to help train service dogs. 

“This is just a small example of leading by example,” he said, looking down at the tiny creature in his palm. “A very small example.”

Growing up, Grimm had a German Shepherd named Maximilian. But he said Sebastian isn’t his first foray into miniature dogs. 

“I’ve had a teacup before, two of them, actually, Penelope and Rocky. But they’re with their mommy now, my ex-girlfriend.” He paused. “They miss me, though.” 

Despite Sebastian’s almost unbearable cuteness, Grimm said he’s going to have some responsibilities around the office. “He is the senior canine adviser, and he’ll have to approve all new staff hirings,” the lawmaker joked. “And for some of my [current] staff members, if Sebastian doesn’t like them, they might be in trouble, too.”  

Grimm also admitted that Sebastian may have doggie-costumes in his future, and that Grimm is ready to take some grief over that. “I’m very secure in my manhood, and I realize that some of his outfits are probably going to be a little ridiculous.”