Congressman: You want charts? You want slides? I got ’em!

During a speech on the floor last week about the nation’s fiscal situation, Schweikert referenced his visual aids a handful of times to bring home his point that the nation’s financial future is not looking so hot.

Schweikert urged everyone to see more of his charts and slides on his House website. 

He said, “If you will go to, you are going to find a number of these slides. As a matter of fact, all of them are on there, and every week, I promise you, there are going to be more coming.”

Schweikert wasn’t kidding. Despite the open invitation and widespread fear that the House server wouldn’t be able to handle the traffic, ITK was able to get on the congressman’s website and see that in just one presentation, Schweikert had 64 slides. 

But not everyone’s a fan of charts. In a recent interview with MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan (unlike the DNC chairwoman, Schweikert’s a big fan), the Arizona congressman — after plugging the slides on his website — indicated that showing off charts can be dangerous work.

“I did C-SPAN last week, where I did my slideshow of the truth about the numbers. We actually got a death threat at our office because someone was so offended that I told them the truth,” he said. 

Schweikert said the death threat will not deter him from displaying his charts.

 Rachel Semmel, Schweikert’s spokeswoman, told ITK that the website will have about 10 original charts every week. That’s a big promise, and ITK will be sure to be checking to see if that happens. (Well, not really.)

 She added that Schweikert is clearly “a numbers guy.” The freshman lawmaker used to carry a calculator everywhere he went, but now he’s gone high-tech by employing a handy app on his iPad.