Jeb Bush wins $250K from conservative group

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) just came into a lot of money. But not the kind you might expect.

The former governor won $250,000 last week, as one of four recipients of the Bradley prize, an annual award from the conservative Bradley Foundation.The elder brother of President George W. Bush was honored along with three economics professors in a ceremony at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., where conservative columnist George Will (also a former Bradley Prize award winner) was emcee. According to an attendee, Tony Award winner Betty Buckley performed songs from Broadway, including “Memory,” from “Cats.”

Bush left office in 2007 and briefly joined the ill-fated investment bank Lehman Brothers, before its 2008 collapse.

Since then he has maintained a low profile, and soundly rejected calls to run for president in 2012.
The mission of the Bradley foundation is to support “limited, competent government; a dynamic marketplace for economic, intellectual and cultural activity; and a vigorous defense, at home and abroad.”