Rep. Steny Hoyer welcomes his first great-grandson

So the recently arrived Braedon Kyle Gray should be considered pretty lucky.

Born on Saturday, Gray is the great-grandson of House Minority Whip 

Steny Hoyer (D-Md.).

His mom, Judy Hemmer Gray, is the daughter of Stefany Hemmer, one of Hoyer’s three daughters.

As great-grandparents go, Hoyer’s in pretty good shape for running around after little children.

The lawmaker turned 71 last year; ITK asked him if he felt any older after his birthday, prompting a firm denial.

The then-majority leader pointed to steep stairs outside his office and laughed. “I still zip up and down those all day. I mean, my detail guys can hardly keep up!”

As anyone who has ever run after a toddler can attest, keeping up is only half the battle.

ITK congratulates Hoyer and the addition to his family.