Fashion alert: Murkowski blooms with florals, pearls

But for many observers, the most memorable thing about her speech was her intensely floral fashion.

In a sure sign that spring has sprung in the Arctic Circle, Murkowski ditched her typical uniform of a solid-colored blazer, scoop-necked blouse and trousers.

Instead, she opted for a short-sleeved, full-skirted dress, with what can only be described as a seriously bold pattern of blue flowers on it — big flowers that looked as though Picasso could have painted them.

Alaskans, however, might have been vaguely reminded of another flower likely close to their heart: The arctic forget-me-not, Alaska’s state bloom. But forget-me-nots are baby blue, while these petals were a deep periwinkle. 

Murkowski smartly accessorized with a pearl necklace, white bracelet and low heels. ITK gives her two thumbs up.