Sen. John McCain’s Straight Talk Express bus: The Elvis of politics?

The luxury bus was covered in McCain signage, the spy noted. 

“Straight Talk Express lives!” they proclaimed.

Not so fast. 

According to bus broker John Spelling, owner of www.busfor, the website responsible for selling the Straight Talk Express in 2009, it’s new owner is a company in South Georgia, a wedding destination plantation called Gin Creek plantation, in Hartsville, Ga. 

“They sent me a picture of the bus,” Spelling told ITK Monday, “and it’s got a Georgia plantation and a bride pictured on the side.”

Spelling said the bus sold in 2009 for about $20,000 less than its original asking price of $89,000. “It’s a really nice bus, I would have liked to have kept it myself.”

In the meantime, ITK will be on the lookout for the ghost of the Straight Talk Express.