Hagan, staffers awkwardly cheer for ‘Idol’ star

And while it was admittedly pretty hip of the lawmaker to throw a party for her staffers, the resulting shindig was, well, a little uncomfortable. 

That was in part because Hagan’s staff filmed the party, which was held at the very swanky home of one of her aides. 

Somehow, the loud, plastic enthusiasm, which pervades every episode of Fox’s singing competition, never quite caught on among the ties-and-heels crowd.

To be fair, there were a few outbreaks of applause when McCreery finished crooning, but even then, watching a senator clap at the TV was a little weird. 

“I am so proud of Scotty, who performed extremely well tonight,” Hagan said into the camera. “Our watch party rallied around him, texting and calling in our votes, and we’re confident he will be the ‘Idol’ winner tomorrow night!”

According to a spokesman, Hagan and her staff all called in their votes for McCreery, who learned his fate late Wednesday night, after ITK was in bed.