Ticked-off Tea Party staffer pens an anonymous book

The excerpt above is courtesy of a new book, How the GOP Establishment Is Co-opting the Freshman Tea Party Class, the newest entry on the long list of Beltway books with anonymous authors.

In this case, the author is a Tea Party freshman’s staff member who goes by the name of “Constance Dogood.” But most of what she has to say isn’t good at all.

Alongside healthy doses of Tea Party rhetoric, Dogood describes a few open secrets about what it’s like to be a new member of Congress. 

Among them: 1) how her boss’s wife has become a diva since he was elected, 2) how the committee system is used to reward, or punish, the party faithful, and 3) how much rivalry occurs between district staff and Washington staff.

But the most interesting revelation of the 28-page e-book might be in the last few pages, where Dogood describes a meeting she witnessed between Tea 

Party leaders and her boss.

“The congressman and the Tea Party leaders started yelling at each other before they even sat down in their chairs. There were large doses of four-letter words, and they weren’t coming from the Tea Party side of the table. This lasted for two hours.”

The e-book is available for $2 online, and ITK has a few guesses about who this potty-mouthed member might be. Send your guesses to christina.wilkie@thehill.com.