Armstrong Williams’s ‘Reawakening Virtues’ out next month

Radio and television talk show host Armstrong Williams, who persevered through a controversy that attracted front-page headlines six years ago, has penned a new book, Reawakening Virtues.

The conservative commentator describes his tome “as an answer to the current political and social difficulties we face.”

A press release about the book states, “Drawing on his upbringing in South Carolina, he tackles such pertinent issues as fatherhood, motherhood, the sanctity of life, the virtues of capitalism and the need for observing the Sabbath … ”

Williams, a regular contributor to The Hill’s Pundits Blog, said the book will tackle his 2005 No Child Left Behind controversy. Williams later said he admitted he erred when he accepted a Department of Education contract to promote President George W. Bush’s signature education accomplishment.

Reawakening Virtues will be available to the public in early July.