Weinerforpresident.com is already taken!

The rights to a slew of Anthony Weiner-related domain names have been gobbled up, though their value has certainly plummeted in the wake of the New York Democrat’s Twitter scandal.

Long before Weinergate erupted, a fan of the representative bought the rights to weinerforpresident.com, weinerforpresident2016.com, mayorweiner.com and weinerforgovernor.com, among others.

David Traver Adolphus, a writer and photographer in Vermont, told ITK that he “saw one of Weiner’s rants on YouTube, and thought, ‘My god, it’s an actual red-hot liberal holding elected national office!’ I was psyched … I did not really [think] he’d actually be elected president, but I could imagine him taking a run at it.”

Adolphus believed there was a chance that one day, Weiner’s exploratory committee would call him about weinerfor
president.com and he’d respond, “Have it, I kept it safe for you.” In return, Adolphus said, maybe Weiner’s people would offer him some type of role on the campaign.

Of course, Weiner is unlikely to run for president anytime soon. If he does shock the world and attempt to challenge President Obama in a primary (ITK can dream, right?), Adolphus also owns anthonyweiner2012.com.

Adolphus added that he is thinking of making weinerforpresident.com into a site “celebrating the antics of the Weiners, Clintons and [Gary] Harts of the world.”