Sen. Rand Paul cannotif take it anymore, moves out of dad’s place

The Kentucky senator moved in with the 2012 White House hopeful soon after winning his election last fall, but the arrangement didn’t last long.

No, this wasn’t a Felix Unger-Oscar Madison type of feud (ITK is really dating itself referencing “The Odd Couple”).

The senator moved out because he couldn’t handle the notorious Washington traffic and the trips back and forth from the condo in Alexandria, Va.

“He couldn’t stand the commute,” the elder Paul told ITK.

After getting a place on Capitol Hill, the senator now walks to work.

After Rand PaulRand PaulPaul: ‘I get the sense we’re still at an impasse’ on healthcare Healthcare wish lists: What moderates, conservatives want GOP infighting erupts over healthcare bill MORE asked last year if he could move in with his father, the congressman agreed, with a caveat.

Rep. Paul told The New York Times at the time, “I told him as long as he didn’t expect me to cook. I’m not going to take care of him the way his mother did.”