CNN’s new White House correspondent: I’m a dork

Asked why she views her new gig as her dream job, Yellin replied, “I love covering politics and always have, but I also really enjoy policy, as dorky as that sounds, because I like the intellectual challenge of understanding policy.” 

Pressed by ITK for examples of her nerdiness, Yellin said, “I definitely have an inner dork. I think it shows all the time. People tell me that I come off as perky and high-energy, and I just look at them thinking, ‘Are we talking about the same person?’ ”

Yellin says although she might be full of life on-camera, she’s no longer getting that jolt from Starbucks.

Once a self-professed caffeine junkie, Yellin had to give up her beloved soy cappuccinos on doctor’s orders: “I’m off all caffeine. I get migraines. But sometimes I cheat and have green tea.”

Cheating by drinking green tea — those dorks, always living on the edge.