Typo spells embarrassment for the House sergeant at arms

Two tipsters say the office recently received an order of pens with its room and phone number printed on one side, along with the inscription “U.S. Captol.”


There may not be an I in “team,” but there certainly is one in “Capitol.” (ITK would like to note she is not infallible, and mistakes sometimes happen.) 

Yet, according to one of ITK’s sources, it seems a slight spelling failure isn’t stopping the sergeant at arms’s staff from continuing to use the pens — and even hand them out to visitors.

A spokeswoman for the House sergeant at arms says she is “completely unaware” of any office pens with the alleged misspelling.

Spokeswoman Kerri Hanley added, “I would be surprised, but I can’t say that it’s not possible. I’m freaked out.” 

Our ITK spy counters, “I saw the pen myself.”

Hanley later denied the existence of such pens, saying she “checked with every division and no one’s giving out any pens.”

Can you spell “snafu”?