Mike Huckabee ends 
suspense over souvenirs from Israel trip

The suspense over Israeli souvenirs is over — former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) has revealed the goodies he brought back from the Holy Land.

The guessing game began after Huckabee promised the “Fox and Friends” hosts on-air last week that he would return from his trip to Israel with some “great stuff” for them.

The 2008 Republican presidential candidate was coy when ITK questioned what the mementos could be, saying only, “A little surprise! It will help them to pray better and to have more fun.”

An ITK reader guessed that perhaps Huckabee would hand the hosts mumble beads “to keep track of their prayers.” 

Not quite, but on Saturday’s “Fox and Friends” all was revealed — well, sort of.

Huckabee unveiled a pair of yarmulkes for hosts Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris, saying, “If you go to the Western Wall, you will need that.” 

Briggs, who promptly attempted to place the religious cap on host Juliet Huddy’s head, was quickly chastised by Huddy, who explained with a laugh, “Women aren’t supposed to wear that!”

But the Fox team seemed even more confused about Huckabee’s gift for Huddy. 

When the former gov pulled out a scarf with beads, Huddy wondered aloud, “Is that a skirt? What is that?” 

A chuckling Huckabee shot back, “It’s actually for belly dancing. You feel free to use that during the break.”

If that’s the loot he brings back from Israel, ITK wonders what Huckabee has in store if he goes on a getaway to Vegas.