First lady flaunts dance-mimicking skills

Forget Fred Astaire, Beyonce or Mikhail Baryshnikov — first lady Michelle ObamaMichelle LeVaughn Robinson ObamaMelania Trump puzzles with 'I really don't care' jacket Trump backs down in rare reversal Trump gives in, signs order ending family separations MORE is declaring herself the new dance (mimicking) queen.

In an interview set to appear in the September/October issue of AARP The Magazine, Michelle Obama playfully describes perfecting the art of copying how others cut a rug, telling the mag, “I happen to be very good at dance-mimicking. [Laughs.]”

In one of her more famous displays of dance-mimicking supremacy, the first lady showed a bunch of D.C. middle-school students at a May “Let’s Move!” event that even 47-year-old wives of presidents know how to “Dougie.” 

 Obama revealed to AARP how she learned the “Dougie” dance craze: “I’ve got little kids. They’re always trying something … For some reason, if I watch somebody do a move for a while, and it’s not too hard or complicated or requires me to throw my leg over my head and flip, I can sort of figure it out.”