Magazine slaps Ensign look-alike on cover

A national magazine is touting a cheeky ode to former Sen. John Ensign on its cover, but ITK is guessing the Nevada Republican won’t exactly be sharing copies of it with friends and family.

The Aug. 2 issue of Ms. magazine features an image of a man with his pants down. 

The feminist mag explains the cover is a reference to “the moment former U.S. Sen. John Ensign was caught during a sexual encounter with an employee and literally told ‘put your pants on and go home,’” (as detailed in a report released by the Senate Ethics Committee). 

The article also accuses the media of downgrading Ensign’s relationship with his former employee, Cynthia Hampton, by calling it an affair rather than sexual harassment.

Ensign resigned in May after admitting he “violated the vows of my marriage.”

But he might have bigger things than brash magazine covers to worry about. The Justice Department and Federal Election Commission now are investigating allegations that the ex-senator violated federal laws when he tried to cover up the relationship.