Hundreds of emails flood House staffer inboxes

In his primetime Monday speech, President Obama urged Americans to “let [their] member of Congress know” if they want a balanced approach to reducing the deficit. 

He also suggested, “If you believe we can solve this problem through compromise, send that message.”

Well, it seems as if one Arizona woman took that directive to heart.

A Tea Party activist is developing quite a hefty email outbox after sending messages addressed to more than 300 legislative directors on Capitol Hill. Recipients didn’t just get one email — they received copies of all 300!

The emails, which all had the same text but had the name of the member of Congress changed at the top of each, were sent during a 10-minute span on Monday night.

Signed by Sue Hooper of Yuma, Ariz., the oodles of emails read, “Not one penny more. Please stay strong. We do appreciate all of you that have stood up for the taxpayers in the U.S. Thank you. Now hang in there no matter how hard ‘they’ push. We have your back.” A woman named Sue Hooper from Yuma runs an Arizona Tea Party website.

Several legislative directors, or LDs, confirmed that they were on the receiving end of the email binge. 

One House Democratic staffer who was overloaded with messages told ITK, “Spamming has never been the best way to win converts to your cause. Rarely has someone spent so much time and effort and been so amazingly ineffective and counterproductive. I think this type of harassment demonstrates the lack of seriousness and gravitas of the Tea Party. Grow up or get out — but either way, please stop clogging my inbox.” 

The same staffer said they immediately sent Hooper a request to be removed from her email list.

But perhaps Hooper has had enough of her super email-sending spree; ITK received no reply after sending her a message requesting comment on the avalanche of emails.