Doctor predicts next scandal could involve a congresswoman

Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz, author of You Are Not Your Brain, contends that although recent history has shown male political figures to be behind some of D.C.’s most infamous trysts, a female member of Congress might be next, saying “it is certainly not only men who find it a fantasy that they can do something forbidden and get away with it.”

The UCLA School of Medicine research psychiatrist asserts, while not speaking of any lawmaker in particular, it’s a mentality that’s not exclusive to one gender: “When people are in positions of power, it adds to the erotic arousal element to do things that they know are wrong … that they can fantasize and tell themselves, ‘It’s wrong, but I can do it because I’m powerful.’ ” Schwartz adds, “Maybe we have to give it some time. The way things are going, there are certainly enough powerful women now.”