Rahm Emanuel drops in on his fake Twitter alter ego

Will the real Rahm Emanuel please stand up?

The Chicago mayor and former chief of staff to President Obama came face to face with his fictional, same-named Twitter counterpart on Tuesday.

The Chicago Sun-Times writes that Emanuel popped in during a promotional event for Justin Sinker’s new book, The F--king Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel. The book is a collection of Sinker’s profanity-laced tweets.

Sinker says he created the Twitter handle @MayorEmanuel — and gained more than 40,000 followers — when he posed as Emanuel before the mayoral election. Sinker’s identity remained such a mystery leading up to the election that in February, Emanuel even offered to donate $2,500 to charity in exchange for the Twitter user’s identity.

The real Rahm Emanuel reportedly signed some books and chatted with the crowds before heading out.

Unless he has some out-of-this-world tricks up his sleeve, it could be the last Twitter users hear from the phony @MayorEmanuel. The imaginary mayor was apparently sucked into a vortex after winning the election. Hate when that happens.