ITK readers weigh in on 
Romney campaign slogan

Last week we chronicled comedian Jamie Kennedy’s new motto for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign.

In a tweet, Kennedy offered his support for the former Massachusetts governor, encouraging folks to “Git wit Mit!”

So we asked ITK readers to weigh in on which was better: Romney’s current saying that’s plastered across his website, “Believe in America,” or Kennedy’s slogan.

Kennedy himself was one of the first to respond. Perhaps trying to muster up support, Kennedy tweeted to ITK, “Git wit Mit, he’s legit.”

But some were quick to knock the “Malibu’s Most Wanted” star’s creation. Twitter user SuncoastPlace wrote, “Worse much worse!” And another tweet suggested that “Git wit Mit!” was, well, suggestive: “git with means hook up! One night stand, casual sex.”

For the record, an entry in UrbanDictionary
.com contends that the word can be a replacement for “get.”

Still another ITK reader couldn’t help but offer up his own slightly colorful catchphrase. David N. wrote in an email, “Mitt’s the S--t! I wanna see that on a shirt or bumper sticker.”

Now, that would surely turn a few heads!