Pelosi talks football, tennis, bowling … and moguls

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has been talking a lot about sports recently. Perhaps a bit too much.

After President Obama’s Sept. 8 speech to Congress, Pelosi clearly indicated at her weekly press conference that she was impressed. So much so that she compared it to “a touchdown,” “an ace serve,” “a home run out of the park” and “a 10th strike if you bowl.”

ITK does bowl and would note that it takes 12 strikes for a perfect score of 300. But still, 10 strikes would get you a pretty good score (much better than Obama’s infamous 37 over seven frames).

Pelosi last week continued her comparisons between sports and politics.

Pressed on the GOP’s victories in two special elections in Nevada and New York, Pelosi told reporters, “Another athletic analogy — are you read for one?”

Uh, well, OK. Hit me.

“My members kept saying it’s a bump in the road, a bump in the road. And I said, no, it is a bump in the road, but I think of it as a mogul. When we were trying to win the House in ’05 and ’06, I was saying to our members and to our supporters when something would come up like this: This is a mogul. And they would [say], ‘What are you talking about?’

“I would say, ‘I guess you are not a skier. A mogul is a bump.’ You plant your pole and you go faster down to your goal. So I see this bump in the road as a mogul.” 

Later in the press conference, Pelosi summarized her recent sports talk: “We have skiing, we have tennis, we have football, we have baseball. The mogul is my sports analogy of the day.”