LeBron and Denzel appear at National Press Club, take no questions

Big-name celebrities were in Washington on Wednesday to announce a new PSA for the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Basketball star LeBron James, actor Denzel Washington, director Ron Howard and singer Ashanti Douglas were all there, attracting many cameras and print reporters.

But someone forgot to send the reminder memo that when you hold a media availability — especially at the National Press Club — you are supposed to take at least a couple questions.

James, sporting a suit and towering over everyone in the room, was put on the spot at one point.

“I … didn’t know I’d be speaking,” he said.

Please, King James, speak! That’s why we’re here.

Make fun of President Obama’s jump shot, predict that your hated Miami Heat will someday win an NBA title, mock Denzel’s graying goatee! Anything!

The event’s organizers had promised the media the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the event. But the celebrities were quickly whisked away, making ITK a bit bitter.