Rahm-for-president domain names are going, going …

Rahm Emanuel is heading to Iowa later this fall, ostensibly to rally Democrats to support President Obama’s reelection efforts.

But cybersquatters think otherwise.

A slew of Rahm Emanuel domain names have been snatched up, including rahmforpresident.com, rahmemanuel2016.com, rahm2016.com and rahm2020.com.

Douglas Haag said he bought the rights to rahmemanuelforpresident.com on a whim during the former House member’s successful bid to become mayor of Chicago. Wise move, Mr. Haag. Emanuel’s campaign site was rahmformayor.com.

The chatter about President Rahm has spiked because Emanuel is scheduled to headline a major fundraiser for Obama and the Iowa Democratic Party in November.

Emanuel has previously denied interest in becoming commander in chief, but his ambitions are well-chronicled. He previously aimed to become Speaker of the House and is now heading the nation’s third-largest city.

Not every Rahm domain name is taken. Rahm2024.com and rahmemanuel2020.com are ripe for the taking.