President chats about gray hair with preschoolers

President Obama’s follicular fixation continues.

 We’ve reported on the president’s hang-up with his hair before, as Obama has made many mentions of his salt-and-pepper look at various fundraisers and events over the past few months.

 Now the 50-year-old commander in chief is taking his talk about his hair color to virtually anyone who will listen — including the crayon-toting set.

 While touring a community college in Texas on Tuesday, the president stopped in an early-childhood classroom of 3- to 5-year-olds.

 According to a White House press pool report, Obama picked up a book about his family’s dog, Bo, and asked the kiddies if the caricature of him bore any resemblance to the real thing. Then came the self-inflicted gray zinger, with Obama telling the children, “When they made this book, I didn’t have any gray hair.”

 ITK will stay on “POTUS Gray Hair Watch” and will bring you all the latest hair-raising developments.