Senate worker to offices: ‘It’s cleanup time!’

Clutter-filled offices have at least one Senate staffer steaming and saying there’s simply too much junk piling up in the Hart building.

Our insider says while Senate rules prevent the offices from putting signs in their windows, even to advertise for constituent events or meetings, there seems to be no governing how dirty a desk can get. The cluttered catastrophes can often be seen in full view of visitors, because most of the rooms in Hart are glass-enclosed.

The super-clean source griped to ITK that a neighboring office looks as if it “doubles as a closet,” before revising that statement by saying, “A laundry room, actually, because that stuff can’t be clean.”

The spy even snapped pics of the offending offices as evidence, noting that one Green Bay Packers-themed space was equipped with a polar bear stuffed animal, a team towel and a Cheesehead. The source added, “These people should be ashamed.”