Cain has more than one gold tie

The great tie debate is resolved!

You read in this column first that Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman might have worn the same tie to two separate debates. ITK’s offices were then buzzing about the possibility of another candidate picking up on the former Utah governor’s tie habits.

At Tuesday’s CNN Western Republican debate in Las Vegas, GOP contender Herman Cain was sporting a yellowish-gold tie that was strikingly similar to the neckwear he wore at a Bloomberg/Washington Post debate last week, and at a CNN/Google debate just a few weeks ago. 

But fashionistas who frown at the thought of wearing a clothing item more than once can breathe a sigh of relief. The former pizza CEO’s spokesman, J.D. Gordon, assures us that the ties are indeed different, explaining, “[Tuesday night’s] was gold; the one from the Washington Post/Bloomberg debate was solid gold with a small blue dot pattern.”

When pressed on why, when it comes to accessorizing his suit, Cain continues to go for the gold, Gordon disclosed, “Mr. Cain likes the ‘gold standard,’ and reflects that in his tie collection.”