Obama gray-hair watch continues

 Avid readers of ITK know all about our increasingly frequent feature on President Obama’s follicular fixation.

 From telling countless crowds about the changing hues on his head to lamenting his salt-and-pepper ’do to a bunch of preschoolers, we’ve brought you all the hairy details of the president’s many mentions of his growing grayness.

 Now Obama might be soliciting sympathy from someone who knows a thing or two about noticeably lighter strands. Appearing on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” on Tuesday, the president revealed to the gray-streaked late-night host that his biggest gripe about turning 50 is, “Hair’s getting a little gray. It’s getting a little gray, but overall, feel great.”

 The president also gave a possible clue into his seeming obsession with the gray, saying, “You know, Michelle thinks I look old. But that’s OK.” 

 But he then added that the first lady might admire his more mature look: “She still thinks I’m cute.”