Note to Cain: Capitol Hill prefers veggies to meat on pizza

By Herman Cain’s standards, the majority of Capitol Hill diners appear to be sissies.

The Republican presidential contender and former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza told GQ magazine in mid-October that when it comes to pies, “A manly man don’t want it piled high with vegetables! He would call that a sissy pizza.”

But three of the five Capitol Hill pizzerias surveyed by ITK said their most popular pizza was indeed piled high with veggies.

According to chef Anthony Pilla, the favorite at Seventh Hill Pizza, the renowned eatery where Cain’s GQ interview took place, is the “Eastern Market,” with herbivore-friendly toppings of tomato, goat cheese, herbs, tapenade and mushrooms.

We the Pizza, the spot owned by former “Top Chef” contestant Spike Mendelsohn, might have a cleverly patriotic title, but its patrons also tend toward the “sissy.” “Everyone has their own taste, but I would lean more toward the five vegetable kinds that we have,” said manager Mark Sphley. That means passing up the five on the menu that include meat.

Adding to the veggie onslaught, the winner at Al’s Pizzeria in Northeast D.C. is laden with mushrooms, spinach and feta.

Not all hope is lost for Cain. He would be much more likely to approve of the choice at the Eastern Market Pizza Boli’s — the “Meatster,” piled high with pepperoni, beef, ham, sausage, salami, Canadian bacon and extra cheese. But Cain also looks for subtlety. Asked if he wants meat piled on, Cain said in the interview, “No, no, no. We balance the ingredients to achieve what we call ‘a harmony of flavor.’ ”

Similar to Godfather’s, Armand’s Chicago Pizzeria near Union Station makes deep-dish pizza. The most popular is the Supreme, with the good and carnivorous fixings of pepperoni and sausage, along with onion, green pepper and mushroom.