Congressman dons UPS outfit, says it doesn’t bring luck with the ladies

 He might be used to reviewing legislative packages and delivering remarks as part of his job in Congress, but last week Rep. Michael Grimm took on an entirely different kind of gig that involves packages and deliveries: The New York Republican worked for a day as a UPS employee.

Grimm suited up in an official brown uniform as a member of Staten Island’s United Parcel Service team a couple days before Thanksgiving.

The congressman, 41, who delivered items to a doctor’s office, a preschool and a dentist’s office, said he received a lot of “double looks” from confused New Yorkers when he declared to them, “I’m the new UPS guy. I’m being trained today,” before revealing his true identity.

It’s not the first day-in-the-life outing for Grimm, who has also seen what it’s like to be a school principal and a fireman. He claims that the short-term gigs give him a good opportunity to talk one on one with locals in a “casual, off-the-record setting.” The lawmaker, who served in Iraq with the Marine Corps and worked as an FBI agent before receiving an accounting and law degree, sought to shoot down chatter among critics, who contend trying his hand at different professions is nothing more than a political stunt: “It really wasn’t … The people I met with felt it was effective, and I work for them.”

Despite a “great” time on the delivery route, don’t expect Grimm to trade in his typical Capitol Hill suit for UPS’s standard brown garb. When ITK inquired whether it was true in his experience that women dig a guy in brown, the congressman, who is single and was named one of The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful this year, laughed, “No, brown’s not my color. I don’t even own one brown suit … That really didn’t help me very much.”

Grimm says he’d like to get a shot at taking on another job for a day. He even wondered aloud where the next job would take him, saying, “Maybe with Santa Claus.”