Rep. Walsh boycotted Obama’s jobs speech, accepts White House holiday party invite

He might have told President Obama via a July YouTube video to “quit lying,” but that didn’t stop Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) from getting his holiday cheer fix at the president’s pad — and that ain’t no fib.

 Walsh’s chief of staff confirmed to the Chicago Sun-Times that the lawmaker and his wife, Helene, attended a holiday party for members of Congress on Monday at the White House. This comes a few months after Walsh boycotted Obama’s jobs speech earlier this year. (Perhaps the president should bring cookies to his next address to Congress.)

 While the White House shindig was hosted by the president and first lady, Walsh’s office tells the newspaper that the Tea Party politician didn’t meet Obama and “most definitely” didn’t wait in line to get a photo snapped with the leader, as many guests do at the annual holiday soirees at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.