Things you can buy if you win Romney’s $10K bet: Four-bedroom house, lots of ice cream

Extending his hand at the debate in Des Moines as if to shake on it, Romney said to the Texas governor, “Rick, I’ll tell you what — 10,000 bucks?”

Perry responded with a slight chuckle, “I’m not in the betting business.” 

(Imagine that — a Texan rejecting a wagering challenge from a Mormon!)

Critics jumped on Romney for the money talk, contending that the move put the spotlight on the businessman and former Massachusetts governor’s very big personal piggy bank.

Although any financial face-off between Perry and Romney seems to be a no-go, we wondered, what exactly could either of the politicians buy with $10,000?

• While it may not be the White House, $9,900 can buy a four-bedroom rowhouse near Baltimore’s Druid Hill neighborhood. While a listing for the less-than-a-Romney-bet home says the residence “needs work,” the abode, built in the 1880s, also has “great potential,” according to the seller.

• The winner of a $10K wager could give 10 kids the sugar high of their lives by buying each of them a “Golden Opulence Sundae” at Serendipity 3 in Georgetown. The desserts, which run a thousand bucks a pop, are covered in a 23K edible gold leaf and served with a tiny glass bowl of caviar.

• For some reason the Mini Cooper doesn’t exactly scream “presidential material” to us, but the candidates wouldn’t have to travel too far outside of D.C. to pick one up on a $10,000 budget. A used, 2002 model of the petite vehicle, with 53,000 miles on it, is for sale in Germantown, Md.

• If either Romney or Perry is feeling particularly generous, he could pick up a whole lot of swag from the other’s online campaign store. $10,000 can buy more than 3,333 Mitt Romney photo buttons, which run $3 apiece. Or the winner of the $10K can purchase 250 Rick Perry “boat bags,” which are stylishly emblazoned with Perry’s name.