Unplugged: The 50 Most Beautiful - Nominations — the good, bad and the shameless

Editor’s note: The first nomination falls under the category of shameless. How could I not like this nomination?

Dear Betsy,

Betsy is a wonderful name. I’ve never known a Betsy I didn’t like. In fact, I felt compelled to nominate a Betsy for the 50 Most Beautiful People on the Hill. Miss Betsy — of Rep. — —’s office should most definitely be include [sic] in the 50 Most Beautiful People. She has a striking smile that is only outpaced by her enormous heart. Her charisma and charm are founded in her compassion for others. She is an excellent listener and always takes the time out of her day to hear how your life is going — a rare breed on the Hill.

Unlike many on Capitol Hill, Betsy works hard to take care of herself. She can often be found breaking a sweat in the House gym [and] is hardly ever seen out without the most stylish dress and shoes. I hope the picture attached along with my description will truly represent Betsy’s incredible beauty.

I would like to nominate — —  for the 50 Most Beautiful People list. While I work as a legislative assistant under —, I have not been pressured into nominating her. I feel I must nominate — because she is truly the most wonderful person I have been in contact with in Washington. She is not only one of the most beautiful women I have seen in Washington who is almost impeccably dressed, but she is also one of the most wonderful people I am lucky enough to see every day. If it were not for her good nature, great leadership abilities and general ease, I would have moved out of this city long ago. One of the things [about] Washington that makes me angry is all the superficial Hill girls who get dressed up, put on makeup and walk around like they are the best thing ever to happen to those around them. I see this daily during my Metro commute, during congressional hearings and when I walk around the Capitol. I can assure you that — is nothing like this and is probably the most deserving person to work on Capitol Hill to top your list.