Place your bet on which
 cliché will be included in State of the Union speech

Calling all clichés — a betting site wants users to wager on which overused expression President Obama will utter first during Tuesday’s State of the Union speech.

The most popular pick so far on among the more than 60 predictable phrases is, “We have more work to do.” It’s at 8-to-1 odds, followed closely by “As I stand here today” and “Healthcare reform,” both at 10-1 odds.

The Irish gaming website instructs that in order to win any moolah, the clichés have to be said exactly word for word by the commander in chief.

Some of the more unusual shopworn sayings that fewer folks are willing to put their money on include: “In the words of JFK” (at 33-1 odds), “Yes, we might” (that one’s stuck at a 100-1 chance of being said) and the “Forrest Gump”-inspired phrase “Life is like a box of chocolates,” which is last on the list, at 225-1 odds.