Tissue time for Biden: VP ‘under the weather’ during State of the Union speech

There’s a reason Vice President Biden might have looked a little dazed during Tuesday’s State of the Union address — you try sitting through a speech that’s more than an hour long when you’re battling a cold.

Twitter was aflutter during President Obama’s remarks, with many folks speculating that Biden had a serious case of the sniffles as he sat behind the commander in chief.

Vanity Fair magazine questioned, “Is Joe BidenJoe BidenPoll: Obama leaves office with 58 percent favorability Biden prays Trump will continue cancer moonshot Biden: Russia sanctions must stay in place MORE sick? Joe Biden just coughed. Someone get Joe Biden a Ricola.”

One user of the micro-blogging site noted, “Biden is sick. Hope he has some Purel [sic] for the reception line. Don’t spread the germs Joe.”

Now an aide to the vice president confirms that Biden, 69, might indeed be chugging the chicken noodle soup, telling ITK, “He’s feeling a little under the weather this week.”

But before you prepare the “get well soon” cards, we hear it’s no biggie, just a little cold.