Alec Baldwin talks politics after winning SAG award

When he’s not acting on “30 Rock” or getting kicked off planes for playing Words With Friends, Alec Baldwin is apparently doubling as a political pundit.

The outspoken entertainer, who took home a Screen Actors Guild award on Sunday night for his role on the hit NBC comedy series, sounded off on the presidential election following the ceremony.

ADVERTISEMENT reports that the liberal Baldwin said, “The Republicans are nervous that if they don’t have a real red-state type of candidate like a [Newt] Gingrich, then they’re not going to get the Christian right to come to the polls, and they’ll lose to Obama in a head-to-head election.”

The actor continued, “The thing about the campaign that concerns me the most is: How is Gingrich going to be able to retract all the things he’s said about [Mitt] Romney once [Romney] becomes a nominee?”

While Baldwin has donated money to more than 30 Democrats over the years, the actor plays a conservative on television. 

Baldwin wrote in a Twitter message last week that his “30 Rock” character, television executive Jack Donaghy, would “golf with, sail with and endorse Romney.”

The celeb was flirting with the idea of jumping into politics himself, but in a radio interview last month, ruled out a possible New York City mayoral run.