Rep. Barton goes ‘outside the box’ with burrito choice

Sometimes you don’t have to go high-class or hoity-toity to impress your guests.

Rep. Joe Barton decided to go another route when it came to catering a weekly lunch for his Texas Republican colleagues in Congress. The lawmaker opted for food from a Virginia restaurant that has been called a “glorified shack” perched in an Arlington County parking lot.

According to the local news site, Barton ordered 30 burritos from a place called Pedro and Vinny’s for a recent meal with the Lone Star State lawmakers.

While more well-known eateries, such as Hill Country Barbecue and Tortilla Coast in D.C., usually provide the grub for the lunches, Barton wanted to chow down on the fare from Pedro and Vinny’s. The joint is close to the home the congressman has in Northern Virginia.

Barton’s press secretary, Sean Brown, tells the website that the office was slightly concerned about the “outside the box” burrito choice when it ordered a mix of 30 chicken, pork and beef burritos.

But the Texans apparently licked their chops at the down-home cooking.

Brown said to that while “the members are not afraid to [voice] their pleasure or displeasure” when it comes to food, the lunch “actually went over really well.”

Everybody loves a good burrito, but Barton might want to go light on the sour cream and hot sauce. The 62-year-old suffered a heart attack in 2005. He later gave a touching speech on the House floor, thanking the thousands of people who sent him and his family well-wishes and prayers.