Sen. Snowe: No more 
hospital visits on Feb. 14!

Sen. Olympia Snowe is banking on this Valentine’s Day being a bit more romantic than the one she shared with her husband just a few years ago.

The Maine Republican recently recalled to ITK the rather unusual way she spent the holiday with husband John McKernan in 2008 just weeks after taking a spill and breaking her wrist: “He arrived [in Washington] and I said, ‘We’re going to add a new dimension to our Valentine’s Day dinner at the naval hospital.’ ”

Needing to have her cast redone, instead of an evening filled with wining and dining, the couple were stuck at Bethesda Naval Hospital until midnight.

But 2008 wasn’t the first time the pair had to trade romance for responsibilities. After marrying in 1989, the senior senator says, “Part of our honeymoon was spent at the National Governors Association when [McKernan] was governor [of Maine].”

When asked what it takes to woo her, Snowe responds, “Not much. A nice dinner would be enough. He always sends my yellow roses, which is my favorite.”

And she’s hopeful this year she’ll be spending Valentine’s Day in a dining room rather than a hospital room, saying with a laugh, “We can only go up from there!”