Car crashes into congressman’s office

If you’re having a crummy day, here’s a friendly reminder that it could always be worse: At least a truck didn’t crash straight into your office.

One of Rep. Tom Rooney’s district offices in Stuart, Fla., became a makeshift parking garage Saturday after a pickup truck plowed through it.

While trying to park in front of the Florida Republican’s building, the truck’s driver might have accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake pedal, according to local news reports. The vehicle tore through the sunny, yellow-painted walls of the office and managed to make its way completely inside the congressman’s professional digs.

Rooney press secretary Michael Mahaffey tells us, “We’re just thankful that no one was injured.” Fortunately, Mahaffey says, it was the “one Saturday of the year” that Rooney’s district director wasn’t working late.

The crash caused about $10,000 in damages, but Rooney’s office says everything can be replaced.

When ITK asked Mahaffey whether a truck turning part of the congressman’s office into rubble was considered a bad sign for the lawmaker, who’s up for reelection this year, he replied in an email: “In many cultures, it’s actually a sign of good luck when a car crashes through your office, so we definitely don’t consider it a bad omen.”

At least a truck can’t crush a sense of humor.