Meet Congress’s Kate Middleton

It’s not always easy being Kate Middleton.

Her often demanding role has her being hounded by the press daily. For the most part, she no longer picks up the phone to make dinner reservations because of all the questions she’s peppered with after giving her royal name. And she knows firsthand how tough planning a wedding can be.

But when it comes to having the same name as the duchess of Cambridge, Capitol Hill’s own Kate Middleton — who serves as press secretary for Rep. Trent FranksHarold (Trent) Trent FranksFreedom Caucus bruised but unbowed in GOP primary fights Eric Schneiderman and #MeToo pose challenges for both parties The Hill's 12:30 Report MORE (R-Ariz.) — seems to be a pretty good sport.

The same-named staffer says, “People just think I’m messing with them. But there’s just as much an excited person who says, ‘Do you know there’s a princess with your name?’ And I say, ‘Well, technically she’s a duchess.’ ”

The similarities between the two Middletons don’t end with their monikers.

Middleton, 25, is set to be married next month—almost exactly a year after the royal couple tied the knot in a lavish ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

And while Middleton’s fiance, Kevin Maroney, isn’t heir to a throne like Prince William, he is British.

It gets weirder. Maroney’s sister, who is Middleton’s soon-to-be sister-in-law, is named Philippa. That’s the same name as the duchess of Cambridge’s sister, who’s nicknamed Pippa.

People also tell Middleton (who actually did wear a crown once, as Indiana’s Miss Monroe County) that she resembles the willowy, dark-haired duchess: “I can see it definitely with the eyes, and the hair, and the tallness, and the physique.”

Although the press secretary says her name is good icebreaker, there was one instance when it caused a major headache.

“The only time it wasn’t fun is when Facebook thought I was an impostor and they took away my Facebook and Twitter accounts. And all my congressman’s pages were linked to me and I was like, ‘Oh, no!’ ”

She eventually got her access to the social networking sites back.

But any issues Middleton might have with her recognizable name might soon be a thing of the past. She plans on legally changing it to her future husband’s surname after the wedding. However, she acknowledges with a laugh, her colleagues at work, along with the congressman, will likely still get a kick out of her monarchical connection: “I think most people on the Hill are just going to continue to call me Kate Middleton.”