Looking to dodge White House dinner? Try partisan dodgeball

If you can’t snag a ticket to the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on April 28, or just want to stay as far away as possible from the annual schmooze-fest at the Washington Hilton, there’s another politically charged activity you can partake in: a good ol’-fashioned game of dodgeball.

Living Social, the D.C.-based company that offers daily discounts, is organizing a Republicans-versus-Democrats dodgeball game the same day as the dinner.

“Politics can be a bruising sport, but the typical partisan mudslinging has nothing on this adventure,” says a description of the event on the Living Social website.

Bram Levy, the site’s global director for adventures (which might be the coolest job title ever), says the day is more about having a good time than settling any political beefs: “This is kind of an attempt to put a different spin on politics and the election cycle here. Obviously D.C. is a town where politics is taken seriously. Especially an election year, it’s hotter than ever. We thought it was a really interesting opportunity to bring fun people together in D.C. and bring a little fun to an otherwise serious topic.”

For $25, players can pick their political party and participate in an all-day tournament in Southeast Washington. Since dodging attacks from one’s opponents from across the aisle can be a tough job, the deal also includes two beer tickets. For those who prefer to remain independent, spectator tickets are going for $10.

More than 300 people have signed up for the event, according to the Living Social website, and Levy says so far the participants are a bipartisan bunch, calling them a “fairly balanced” mix of Democrats and Republicans.

While a win in the dodgeball game won’t get the victors a seat in the Capitol, they’ll receive championship medals for their efforts.

As the company’s site states, the match “decides which party reigns supreme once and for all (or at least until November).”