New show features real fake dog tale

Capitol Hill staffers, beware: If you’re claiming to have a restless canine waiting for you at home, but your supposed pooch doesn’t really exist, the cat (or dog) is about to be out of the bag in a big way.

Let us explain.

Matt Walsh, who stars as the communications director to the vice president (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) in the upcoming HBO show “Veep,” told ITK at the D.C. premiere last week that some of the storylines for the satirical series were inspired by real-life anecdotes.

The comic and actor says he heard a lot of crazy tales from Capitol workers and aides while researching his role for the show, but one stuck out in his mind: “There was a story about a guy who had a fake dog just so he had an excuse to go home from the office. So he’d created this whole fiction that, ‘Oh, I can’t stay late because I have a dog.’ ”

Walsh says the writers ended up featuring the Fido fake-out story — which he claims was pulled off by someone currently working in Washington — in the show.

Calling it an “ingenious” idea, Walsh feels this case of tail-wagging fiction was more than a howl, saying, “He had the perfect excuse to never stay late … With a dog you just have one Google image. You show people that, and they believe it.”

But folks might not believe it for much longer.

Whoever owns the bogus bowwow better come up with a new excuse pretty soon. “Veep” premieres on April 22.