Rep. Noem: ‘President Bush made fun of me when I met him’

Even if you’re the president, when talking to a pregnant woman, it’s best to keep your views on her growing belly to yourself.

Rep. Kristi Noem (R-S.D.) told a group of high school students on Monday she had a bun in the oven when she first met former President George W. Bush, writes The Daily Telegraph.

The congresswoman contends that led to some light-hearted barbs from the commander in chief: “President Bush made fun of me when I met him.”

Noem says she told Bush she was “very pregnant” and the ex-White House resident used the term “obviously” in reference to her expectant state.

According to the paper, the mom of three replied to the president that no woman appreciates observations about an expanding waistline. Bush, in turn, said to Noem that he only noticed she was pregnant because she was “just glowing.”

Despite their initial enceinte encounter, Noem seemed to have a positive impression of Bush, telling the students, “He was a very friendly guy, too.”