TV stars stay mum on political picks

She might let viewers see some pretty private parts of her life as a cast member on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” but Caroline Manzo isn’t willing to let absolutely all of it hang out.

The reality star said Saturday that while table-flipping and backstabbing might be captured on the reality hit, there’s one thing she won’t touch on the show: politics. Manzo told ITK, “Some things are secret.”

Yet the mom of three, who snagged a spot at the dinner as a guest of Fox News Channel, remarked that her viewing habits might hint at her political preferences, saying with a smile, “I love Fox News, if that’s any indication.”

Manzo wasn’t the only famous face remaining coy before the Correspondents’ dinner. Sassy actress Sofia 

Vergara (who graciously agreed to pose for photos with virtually every guy in the room) also kept her red-painted lips sealed, saying, “Politics and religion are very personal.”

When pressed about whether she was supporting a candidate in the presidential election, ABC’s “Modern Family” star replied with a thick Colombian accent, “I am, but I do not want to say!”

But the entertainer, 39, then pointed out that she might not be able to cast a ballot this fall anyway, revealing, “I still cannot vote here!” before being pulled away by a handler.