Former congresswoman reveals hat trick

Kentucky Derby-goers at Saturday’s race — whose array of hats have become nearly as famous as the horses — could’ve turned to former Rep. Connie Morella for some advice on how to pick out the perfect piece of headwear.

The Maryland Republican got a head start on some serious cranial fashion at last week’s Trust for the National Mall benefit lunch, where hats are almost an unspoken requirement.

The ex-congresswoman explained at the fifth annual fundraiser, held on the Mall and keynoted by former first lady Laura Bush (who topped off her coral-colored dress with a white wide-brimmed hat), “That’s a tradition here that you must wear a hat. So I think people either go buy a new hat or find the old hat that they had, that they thought they’d never wear again.”

Morella, 81, ended up pairing a long-sleeved black dress with a straw-colored lid adorned with a matching black feather.

She then disclosed her secret to hat-wearing, saying, “You have to plan your outfit according to your hat. So originally, I was going to wear something, and then I put the hat on and I had to wear something else with the hat.”

Whatever her method, Morella’s hat selection was a hit with at least one Democratic lawmaker.

Upon seeing Morella, Rep. Jim MoranJim MoranFormer reps: Increase support to Ukraine to deter Russia GOP Rep. Comstock holds on to Virginia House seat 10 races Democrats must win to take the House MORE (Va.) tipped his cap to his former colleague, enthusiastically exclaiming, “She looks great!”