Carney’s wife a big 
fan of his glasses

Breaking news in what we’re calling the “Jay Carney eyewear watch”: The White House press secretary says he’s glued to his glasses for the foreseeable future.

Carney recently revealed in a conversation with ITK that an eye condition keeps him from ditching his specs and popping in some contact lenses.

But that’s not the only reason he’s rocked some ocular décor since first stepping up to the podium as the Obama administration’s spokesman last year. Possibly a better explanation for why Carney hasn’t parted ways with his extra pair of eyes: The missus digs his framed look.

When we inquired whether he would consider giving Lasik surgery a shot, his wife, ABC journalist Claire Shipman, chimed in that she likes her hubby in glasses.

ITK readers know we’ve been closely eyeing Carney’s ever-changing choice of specs.

Last summer, the 46-year-old press secretary told reporters he got a new prescription and shocked onlookers as he traded in his unframed lenses for what he dubbed a “retro-nerdy” set of dark rims.

Some members of the White House press corps called the look “hipster” and said the pair reminded them of Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent.

But in a dramatic turn of events, mere weeks after the big switch, the new eyewear was MIA.

Carney lamented that he lost the glasses, saying, “I was buying my son a bike for his birthday … I think when I was taking it off the bike rack at home … I had my sunglasses on, I had the other ones, and I think I put them on the bumper and then drove off.”

Carney then sported his third set of fashionable vision-correctors in less than six months, donning some tortoiseshell-colored frames at a February briefing and slyly telling journos, “You think these are new? Maybe … These could be old. They could be new.”

Lately Carney has been seen wearing what appears to be the original pair of frame-less glasses he sported his first day on the job.