No Playboy mansion visit for rabbi (and candidate)

Most men dream of an invitation to the Playboy Mansion, but there is a male out there who actually said, “Thanks, but no thanks.” 

The twist to this story is that the guy who won’t be partying with scantily clad bunnies is a rabbi. And he’s running for Congress. 

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the TV personality and Republican candidate for the House in New Jersey, told The Times of Israel that he once turned down an invite to Hugh Hefner’s California abode.

The rabbi explained that when his book, Kosher Sex, was released, the men’s magazine called him and asked to use it as the main excerpt for its 30th anniversary edition: “They were very interested in how it said that sexuality can be something sacred.”

He granted the request on one condition: that there be no pornographic pictures on the pages near his book’s passage.

Boteach — who says he’s “confident he can win” against Rep. Steve Rothman or Rep. Bill Pascrell (who are facing off in a Democratic primary) in the left-leaning redrawn 9th congressional district — added, “So as a result of my letting them use the book, they sent me and my wife two invitations to the Playboy Mansion for the 30th anniversary party. When they arrived in the mail, I said to my wife, ‘Hey, look at this, we’re going to the Playboy Mansion.’ ”

But any dream of hanging out with centerfolds was short-lived.

The spiritual adviser says his wife, Debbie, looked at him and said, “No bunnies for you — we’re not going anywhere!”