Hair supplement maker wants to help president make gray go away

President Obama has often noted how his hair color is becoming more salt than pepper these days, and now a New Jersey company is offering him a lifetime supply of a product it promises will “restore the president’s image to his former hip, cool and youthful self.”

Rise-N-Shine LLC wants the commander in chief to give its nutritional supplement, Go Away Gray, a try.

The makers claim its capsules bring back natural hair color in about six to eight weeks. Rise-N-Shine President Cathy Beggan said in a press release, “The effects happen gradually, and with the campaign trail heating up, now is the time for change!”

Obama has made multiple mentions of his follicles at fundraisers across the country. Last year he told a crowd of supporters, “And some of you have noted that I’ve now turned 50. And these are dog years that presidents live, so the gray hairs are accelerating much more rapidly than I anticipated.”

He later remarked, during the same speech, “I joke sometimes not only is my hair gray, but I got little dings here and there from some of the battles we’ve been fighting.”

While bottles of Go Away Gray usually go for about $30, the president won’t have to shell out a dime for years and years of gray-less locks. The company says it plans to send Obama a formal letter offering the lifetime supply.  

No word if it’ll offer its services to Obama’s 65-year-old opponent, Mitt Romney, whose light-colored sideburns are in stark contrast to his otherwise jet-black hair.