Obama beating Romney in online game popularity

President Obama is winning the popular vote in a gaming face-off with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

A company called Gaming Wonderland recently released a Team Obama and Team Romney version of its free online political game, Running for President.

In order to win the virtual presidential race, the cartoon-version politicians have to snag as many votes as possible on the campaign trail as they (literally) run toward the White House. They also must avoid scandal-seeking paparazzi, leap over negative campaign ads and steer clear of slippery political issues.

Gaming Wonderland tells us that since launching earlier this month, the Obama game has been played more than 10,500 times. But far fewer players are showing the Romney version some love, with only about 4,500 plays.  

The gaming gurus say they soon plan to display real-time results for the number of “votes” won by players for each candidate.