Biden all washed up after water-gun fight

President Obama and Vice President Biden are proving to be quite the water gun-loving pair.

For the third consecutive year, Biden participated in what we hear is an epic, watery battle at his annual summer party for members of the press, dubbed “Biden’s Beach Boardwalk.”

Cameras captured images of the veep brandishing an impressive H2O-filled firearm at the Saturday event, held at Biden’s residence on the grounds of the Naval Observatory.

Biden was spotted teaming up with a pack of little kids and chasing White House press secretary Jay Carney around the outdoor fest.

Dozens of guests were soaked, but Biden, 69, didn’t leave dry either.

The second-in-command, whom guests say at one point was lying on his back, ended the get-together drenched from head to toe and wearing a ball cap backward on his head.

Biden’s wet and wild antics could merely be target practice for a water-gun battle royale with the president.

In one of the first messages posted on Twitter after he launched his official account in April, Biden tweeted a photo of Obama packing heat — or at least, er, some water.

In what he dubbed one of his “Favorite Joe photos, volume 1,” Obama is seen pacing around a pool while holding a neon orange water gun in one hand.